The Economy of Spain

The economy of Spain, according to GDP figures, is the 14th largest in the world. It is ranked 5th in Europe and throughout the country’s history it has had a reputation of trading with rest of the world. The 21st century has seen Spain going through different periods of economic[…]

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Tourism in Spain

Spain has played a major role in growth tourism in Western Europe. The country is versatile is several different types of holiday in a relatively small geographical space. This is reflected by the fact that tourism is the third largest industry in the country, and Spain has the second largest[…]

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Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is influenced by the rich produce that is grown within the country. The Mediterranean climate plus rich alluvial soils, annually produces a wide variety of agricultural produce from which local chefs have managed to produced a number of different regional and national dishes. The geographical location of the[…]

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