Spanish food

Don’t matter in which corner of the country you are, you must try these dishes to take in a little piece of a culture and believe me your mouth will start water when you will read this article. Vamonos! Like Spanish would say.

Gazpacho soup

In southern part of Spain for example Andalucia people have this soup every day in summer, because it is served chilled. In the tapas bar you will be able to see a jug full of it on the counter. This soup is a perfect blend of ripest tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, peppers and cucumber. You can eat it from the bowl or a glass.

Leche frita

Not so much a meal as it is a sweet dessert. And probably not something that can be easily found in the restaurants that most tourists visit. This is a treat for those who wish to experience something uniquely Spanish. It is made from the dough of milk, sugar and flower and then baked. The outside of the dessert is crunchy and accompanied by as much cinnamon as the cook presets; this tasty pastry is usually accompanied by some ice-cream or even a cup of coffee.

Patatas bravas

Spanish are crazy for tapas, they are one bite snacks. This kind of tapas is a very simple but delicious dish. Just chunks of fried potatoes in sauce. Special sauce is made of sweet and spicy Spanish paprika, flour, olive oil and stock, you can never find tomatoes. If you eat a dish patatas bravas with tomatoes, you should know that it is not the original one. Some people also add garlic or sherry- very sweet cherry wine.


This special dessert is consumed mostly in huge quantities on Christmas, but it is available all year around. It is from small city Jijona, made from locally grown almonds mixed with egg whites and honey.  It comes in 2 types, original a hard version which contains pieces of almond and another one smooth and soft.


Small round cheese balls with filling. You can find cured ham pieces called jamon or cod fish with bechamel sauce. They have smooth texture, rich flavor and fills you up right away.  This is the dish by which you can compare quality of a restaurant, but they are the best at the old traditional local bars where are not enough place to sit or everything is not spot clean, but food is perfection.

Tortilla Espanola

Most beloved Spanish food is Spanish omlette. Everyone is cooking it different and has an opinion on it, but the traditional one is made from potatoes. It is slow cooked with onions and olive oil, it becomes softer when egg is added and looks more like cake because of its thickness.


Yes, it is just olives, but they are the best in the world. You have not eaten olives if you have not ate them in Spain. Usually you will be served a small place with garnished olives with olive oil and garlic, before the meal or accompany the drinks.