Spanish Traditions

Planning holiday in Spain? You must brush up on your knowledge about their traditions, it is going to be a huge help for having a stress-free vacation. There are very popular aspects tourists want to experience, like tapas or flamenco, but to know where to seek out the real and not touristic version is not so easy.

Going for Tapas

Everyone who comes to Spain, no matter of the region, should try real tapas. It is the most famous tradition, but not many understand the true culture around this type of dining and leaves without the expected experience. Tapas does not mean type of food; it is the style of eating. They always come into small bite-sized portions of many traditional Spanish dishes. In Spanish it is called Tapear and means go to have tapas. It does not mean that you are going to order bunch of different dishes in one place, it is more like bar crawl but for tapas.


We all know it as a dance, but for Spanish it is the opposite. Flamenco is a music style which emphasizes the guitar, vocal and rhythm, dance comes last. Real Flamenco is very spontaneous, and performance requires more planning, like moves and outfits. You will be able to hear more of this style on every corner of the country.


Now, it is not a very good idea to take a long nap in the middle of the day because of the economy and business, but many true Spanish people still enjoy siesta and rest during the hottest part of the day. If you translate it to English, it really means ‘nap’. This afternoon rest happens 2 times per day, one from 2 to 5 when people have lunch and another from 4 to 5 or even 9 pm when it is happy hour and people after work go to a bar or restaurant.


In Spain, nobody expects you to leave a tip, unless you are from United States. This is not taking advantage, just waiters and bartenders know how Americans are generous with tips and are used to do this thing back home.  There are restaurants and bars which have strong no tipping policy. Workers have good health benefits and wages are higher for them, that’s why they do not expect any tips from tourists; always make sure to check in what sort of establishment you are beforehand.


This can be mostly experienced in bigger cities like Barcelona and Madrid. It does not leave out any age or interest. Every city has a nightlife zone, and nobody goes out before ten pm. Spanish are true owls, that means they prefer late nights over mornings, it can be because of the weather conditions or mismatched time zone – because their time zone is the same as Poland’s, but geographically they are closer to England.  You can find various of entertainment, from underground to elegant. You will find what suits your taste at night in Spain.