The Spanish Tourist Industry

Spain is blessed with a tourist industry that provides the county with millions of euros each year. Many towns and cities have been built to satisfy the demands of the tourist industry, and the country embraces virtually any visitor who want to spend their time there.

Benidorm has been built as a tourist city

The industry is the third highest contributor to the country’s GDP after banking and manufacturing. In 2017 82 million tourists visited the country and it is the second highest visited country in the world. It is a particularly popular destination for those countries who are not lucky enough to share Spain’s climate. There are many other reasons why Spain is a popular place to visit. It enjoys a rich culture, a famous history and has many splendid cities that attracts both new people and seasoned visitors, always with something new to experience.

Spain really grew as a holiday destination during the 1960s and 1970s. It was the summer beach tourists that really pave the way for the success of tourism in the country. The start of the airplane industry scheduling cheaper flights into Spain saw huge numbers of foreign visitors being attracted to both Spain’s Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches.

In the United Kingdom the sudden availability of cheap summer holidays for guaranteed sun meant that many of the country’s own tourist towns suffered as they had to deal with receiving less numbers each year. It became as cheap to have a week’s holiday in Spain as it was to enjoy one in their own country. Each year nearly 20 million of Britain’s citizens visit Spain and the country has adapted many of its coastal towns to welcome its annual visitors. Benidorm is one such city that is used to British tourists. English food and beer is served throughout the city and many of the Spanish who work in Benidorm speak English fluently.

The volcanic Island of Tenerife is also popular

Britain’s close relationship with Spain has resulted in many people deciding to retire to Spain. The mild winters are instrumental in their decisions and they have bought condominiums in gated communities that contain numerous other British people.

However the majority of Spain’s visitors are young tourists who are seeking the sun and the sand. One of the more popular destinations has been the islands that lie off the cost of the country and the list is endless. In the Mediterranean Sea are the Balearic Islands with the major tourist destinations being Ibizia, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera. These islands specially cater for younger people with the night life being lively and attractive to those tourists who are looking to party.

In the Atlantic Ocean are the Canary Islands with Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife attracting people from all over the world. They tend to attract slightly older tourists than the Balearic Islands with people being keen to visit the cultural parts of the island as well as the outstanding beaches.

Spain is also attractive for international tourists as a result of its major cities. In particular Madrid and Barcelona are visited by millions of people each year who are keen to search the history of the country and get a taste of its cultural qualities. The galleries and museums of these cities sees countless visitors keen to experience the artefacts on display. There are many reasons why Spain is one of the world’s leading destinations. The coming together of so many different factors make to country so popular to great numbers of different people.