Transport in Spain – Part 1

The transport in Spain is some of the fastest and most efficient in the world. The huge numbers that come in and out of the country and need to travel from city to city means that Spain has fully utilized different land, air and sea methods of transport.

Since the start of the 1950s the country has grown into one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. Just to cope with this traffic, the infrastructure of Spain’s transport system has developed with it. To have not done this would have caused bedlam and these huger numbers would have resulted in huge traffic delays.

The clearest development in Spain’s transport system has been seen in the country’s airports. Around the world every country has seen a development in their airports since the end of the Second World War with the improvement in the commercial airplane industry. No country has seen more increase in package holidays than Spain and the majority of these visitors arrive by plane.

The inside of Madrid Airport

Spain has an extensive distribution of airports with the 20 busiest being located evenly around the country. When people arrive in Spain they don’t necessarily want to go to just one location and this has resulted in different regions having international airports.

The busiest airport in the country is the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas which physically is the largest airport in Europe covering an area of 7,500 acres. Each year over 53 million passengers pass through it, heading mainly for the capital city.

The second most popular airport is Barcelona El Prat Airport which serves just over 47 million passengers each year. Many of the tourists passing through go on to visit both Barcelona and also the coastal tourist resorts such as Benidorm.

Many of the passengers that fly both in and out of Spain do so on the country’s national airline Iberia airlines. The company flies to 109 destinations in 39 countries. In 2010 it merged with British Airways although it still continues to operate under its own name.

Cruise ships docked at the Port of Barcelona

Many of the visitors to the country arrive by sea. Spain has direct services to the United Kingdom through the ports at Santander and Bilbao. The ferries take both passengers and vehicles to and from the ports at Plymouth and Portsmouth.

The Port of Barcelona faces the Mediterranean Sea and is used by over 4 million passengers each years. Huge numbers of cruise ships visit ports that are also located on the Mediterranean Sea. The port is also important for the contained business it brings in, there is huge economic activity between it and the city.

One of the favorite destinations from Barcelona by sea is to the Balearic Islands. Many holiday makers use this facility to enjoy the sun at Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Each year over 2 million tourists enter and leave the islands by the sea ports and it is center for much of the local industry.

With majority of Spain having a coastline, there are many ports doing great business during the year. They deal both with internal and international sailings and do much to provide economic benefit to the local economies.