Winter Time in Spain

We imagine Spain as a holiday destination for having sangria at the beach and enjoying tapas bars and paella diners. However, this country also has a lot of to offer in wintertime too, it is not so hot, but weather is still perfect. People think that Spain has never seen snow, but there are places where you can go skiing, because this land has more mountains than any other in Europe. Nothing can beat France and Pyrenees, but here you can go to the beach and ski on the same day.

Most popular skiing resorts are close to Madrid, of them, La Rioja and Teruel are most visited ones. They are quite pricy, but worth it. This becomes by-product for Spanish tourists. When hot season ends, most of the businesses close and staff move to cooler parts to look for jobs. There are more things to do in Spain in winter, just in difference regions of the country.

Spain Weather in Winter

Summers in Spain are way too hot. In Seville and Madrid temperature often reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Winters are better. It can get very cold in the center and north, but in some regions, like Andalusia, it is very pleasant and warm. During December, in Madrid temperature varies from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius; it does not reach minus and remains pleasantly tepid.

What to Pack

If in your schedule you plan and included the winter sports, you will have to pack a specific gear. But if you are going just to relax and stroll in the cities, layering is a must. Take with you a coat, light scarf, hat and gloves and comfortable shoes, because it is the best to see many things within the country on foot. If you are planning to visit Mediterranean region, do not worry, light springtime wardrobe will do.

Winter Events in Spain

When Turron appears in supermarkets, that signals the beginning of October and the end of Summer season. Turron is a sweet made from almonds, honey and marzipan. After this appearance, everyone is starting to wait for Christmas period and plan New years celebration. From mid-December to January 6th there are religious services held and celebrated by devote Christians.

  • Carnival: It is the most important event in February. The Sitges, that’s how carnival is called, is the biggest in the country. Expect to see colorful costumes in streets and a lot of drinking.
  • Festival de Jerez. Flamenco festival is the most important for all the Spanish. If you come little bit earlier, stay in Cadiz, as it is very nearby.
  • ARCOmadrid International Contemporary art fair. It happens in February and you will be able to see historic avant garde and classical works, which are combined with contemporary art. If you are an art lover, this is a place for you to be in Wintertime.

And lastly, here are some additional winter related tips:

  • Hotel have lower fares. Keep your eyes open for a good deal.
  • January is the coldest in the whole country, so travel in December or February.
  • Spain is a great place to celebrate holidays, just book everything in advance.